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Character Progression in Diablo 4

Feb-07-2024 PST
Character progression in Diablo 4 offers various ways to play as you navigate through the campaign. You can choose to rush through the main quest and return later to complete side quests, or you can opt for a thorough approach by completing everything during your initial playthrough. The choice is yours.

However, at level 15, you will receive a unique class-specific quest. For example, the Rogue class will receive a quest that grants them the ability to switch their aspect during combat, while other classes receive special bonuses. It is advisable to prioritize and complete this quest as soon as possible.

Additionally, developing your character involves locating the Altars of Lilith.

What are the Altars of Lilith and where can they be found? The Altars of Lilith are collectibles scattered across the map in every region. Collecting these altars provides passive boosts for all characters on your account.

While some players may attempt to collect all the altars at once, a recommended approach is to passively collect them as you progress through each region.

What is the Renown system? As you progress through each region, you will earn Renown. This is obtained by completing world events, clearing dungeons and cellars, and successfully completing quests and collecting items within each area.

Renown grants you additional skill points, so it is crucial to make an effort to complete each area as you encounter it.

What is the Codex of Power? The Codex of Power is a collection of special unlocks that you have earned for different classes. These upgrades can be obtained by completing specific dungeons and are applicable to any class. However, it is wise to prioritize unlocking upgrades that benefit your specific class during your first playthrough.

What are World Bosses? World Bosses are large-scale, multiplayer events that spawn at predetermined times throughout the day. Participating in these events rewards you with powerful and reliable loot. It is highly recommended not to miss out on these opportunities if your character is at the appropriate level.

Is there PvP in Diablo 4? Yes! There is a dedicated PvP area known as the Fields of Hatred. This area functions as a PvPvE extraction mode where you enter, defeat enemies (both PvE and PvP), and then attempt to escape with your rewards. While it is possible to play this mode solely as PvE, better rewards are obtained if you engage in PvP elements.

How do you obtain a mount in Diablo 4? Mounts are available in the game, but they become accessible later in the campaign. To obtain a mount, you will receive a quest called Mount: Donan's Favor, which is a significant milestone along your progression journey.