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Diablo 4: Comprehensive Beginner Guide

Feb-07-2024 PST
After a ten-year absence, Diablo makes a comeback. Whether you are new to the series or in need of a refresher about this hack-and-slash ARPG, this complete beginner guide for Diablo 4 covers new mechanics, recaps some of the older ones, and provides a solid understanding of the early game and endgame of Diablo.

The guide is divided into sections, addressing early game mechanics with a brief overview of crafting, salvaging, and farming. It then moves on to endgame tips, including the new Paragon board and build-crafting. Let's dive in.

Choosing Your Class

This is the most enjoyable and yet also the most challenging part of starting in Diablo 4. Will you truly enjoy the class you select? Do you need to stick with it indefinitely as your main character? How can you determine which class suits you best?

Diablo 4 offers five distinct classes (Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, Sorceress, and Barbarian), each with vastly different playstyles.

The first class you pick will be considered your main, as it will level up while you complete the campaign for the first time. Nevertheless, don't fret if you find yourself not enjoying this character for the long haul. Diablo operates on a seasonal basis, allowing you to start new characters in a new season without having to replay the campaign.

However, it is still essential to make the right choice for your initial playthrough. You can watch class gameplay videos on platforms like YouTube or consult our guide that covers the basics of each class to gain an understanding of what to expect once you start playing.

Should You Play Softcore or Hardcore?

Once you have selected a class and customized your character, you will be faced with a simple question: Softcore or Hardcore?

In Softcore, death has no significant consequences. You simply return to a checkpoint, and your items lose some durability. On the other hand, in Hardcore mode, your character is permanently deleted upon death. Farewell, and adieu.

Hardcore mode is generally recommended for experienced players or perhaps for a new character later on during seasonal play.

Should You Play World Tier 1 or World Tier 2 for Efficient Leveling?

There has been much debate surrounding this topic in recent days.

World Tier 1 offers an easier gameplay experience, has no impact on the loot you acquire, and allows for faster leveling. World Tier 2, on the other hand, poses greater challenges and is more recommended for group play.

However, ultimately, play whichever tier you prefer. It may sound simplistic, but keep in mind that this is the first new Diablo game in over a decade. If you desire a more challenging experience initially to test your build and playstyle, go for World Tier 2. Why not?